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Want To Significantly Boost
The Results Of Your Sales Team?

Use Tested And Proven Marketing And Sales Systems

In my article titled "Marketing In The New Millennium," I illustrate that selling used to be simple, but due to the “information age” those days are long gone. Today's consumer and business decision-maker has "Gigabytes" of information at their fingertips, and they know how to use it to make informed decisions... on their own terms. The result of this phenomenon is increased competition, choices, and sales resistance.

To win the consumer or business decision-maker, the most successful entrepreneurial companies have evolved from being "sales oriented" to using "superior marketing operations" to sell their products or services. Since we believe wholeheartedly in systemizing, we like to call them marketing and sales systems.

The Critical Difference Between Marketing And Sales…

Marketing is the process of attracting attention, raising the interest of your target market, and influencing their decision-making process. It is the tool that educates and prepares your prospects and then compels them to respond. Your marketing gives your sales team the opportunity to close sales rather than chasing them down.

Selling is the process of closing (selling) prospects that you have "pre-conditioned" with your marketing messages to contact you and purchase your product. The critical element of sales is having prospects contact you who want to talk to you, and want to hear how you can benefit them.

That is the critical difference between your marketing and selling operations.

Questions To Ask Yourself…

Ask yourself the following questions to discover if you can improve your marketing and sales systems.

Would you increase your results if you were to…

  • Use market data, facts, and statistics to position your company as the best choice in the market, and support the need for your company?

  • Use current trends to show that your product is important and needed?

  • Use interesting third-party facts, statistics, and "Wows" that get your company noticed, remembered, and referred?

  • Use "PAIN Points" that motivate your prospects to buy faster since pain outsells gain by a factor of 10 times?

  • Set the "buying criteria" for purchasing your type of product and why your company is the best choice?

  • Use referral marketing systems, letters, and scripts to turn every customer into an additional referral source?

  • Use powerful proven marketing and sales materials such as sales letters and sales scripts that improve everyone’s results?

  • Use a tested and proven systems that follow-up to re-sell, upsell, downsell, and cross-sell?


Sun Tzu, of the best selling book "Art Of War", stated that "The number one essential to victory is when your troops are animated in the same spirit." In other words, everyone on your staff should be working from the same playbook. Your "playbook" should contain powerful marketing materials such as your…

  • Product and service information
  • Presentations
  • Sales letters
  • Phone scripts
  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Website

Every market niche has a smaller number of "ideal buyers" versus "all other buyers." The best buyers buy faster and help you gain faster social acceptance in your market(s). The fastest way to build your business is to target the best customers with a "laser-focused" approach using powerful marketing and sales systems. To learn more about marketing and sales systems, sign up for a free consultation.

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