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How To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings
By Getting Links From "Authority Sites"

Are you sick and tired of paying Google and Yahoo! big money each and every month for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) traffic? With today’s average cost per click skyrocketing from pennies up to $10 bucks per click and more, you’re probably searching for another legitimate way to drive targeted prospects to your web site AND boost your search engine rankings.

Fortunately, there is a much better way that attracts laser-targeted "ready to buy" visitors to your web site. This search engine optimization technique makes it easy to get rankings and traffic. Plus, you don't have to turn into an "SEO Geek", spend too much of your valuable time, or SPAM the search engines.

The Key To SEO:

Keyword Optimized Links From "Authority Sites"

If you’ve learned anything about SEO, you know that the way you achieve high rankings is to acquire keyword optimized in-bound links that point to your web site. In fact, Google Developer Matt Cutts proved that by stating "Thematic incoming links from 'Authority Sites' carry more weight than on the page optimization." But what is an "authority site" and how do you get them to link to your web site to get your rankings to the top?

How To Get Strong Links From Your Industry’s "Authority Sites"

Your industry has a handful of influential "authority" sites that wield the power to boost your site’s rankings and traffic simply by linking to your site. The description of an authority site is the following…

  • Strongly themed content about one topic that is updated frequently
  • Larger sites with many web pages - hundreds, even thousands
  • Incoming and outgoing links to similarly themed web sites
  • High Google PageRank (PR) that is deserved, not purchased

For example, in the computer business is considered an authority site. This site has about 750,000 web pages, over 2 million in-bound links, and a Google PR of 8!

But, how do you get a link from them?

Use your own content! For example, you can use your own articles, content and news releases to get links from the best and most used "Authority Sites" in your industry. Plus, they’ll provide you with links needed for boosting your rankings and attracting laser qualified visitors.

"Piggyback" On Their Success To Get Links

There are literally thousands of successful sites on the Net that can help your business be more successful. Why? Because they have tons of content, sport high Google PR scores and get "spidered" by the Search Engines every day. But these sites were not built on a Saturday afternoon with Microsoft FrontPage; instead huge investments in both time and money are spent on building and maintaining them.

Forget having to get thousands of links. Get the right links from the right authority sites to achieve those much desired top rankings. They all need content, so "piggyback" on their hard work and success by providing them with your quality content. In return, you’ll get many rewards…

  • You’ll get free traffic and boost your search engine rankings
  • Your articles can appear in the top 10 rankings by piggybacking
  • You’ll build a "buzz" and "celebrity" for yourself and PR on the Net
  • You’ll build quality in-bound links to boost search engine rankings
  • You’ll build awareness, credibility, trust and SALES
  • You’ll diversify your traffic strategy to lower your risk
  • You’ll wean yourself off of spending so much on PPC

How To Dress Your Articles For Success:

Unfortunately 50% to 75% of articles get rejected before they even see the light of day. Usually it's because your content stinks, you stole the article from someone, your "article" is really just a blatant advertisement, or you’re just not following the guidelines. Don’t let your articles get relegated to the dust bin of the Internet. Here are some tips that will help you get your articles and news release published in the best authority sites…

1) Just write

To eliminate "writer’s block" just start writing. It doesn't have to be perfect! Just get your ideas on your Word document, print it out, review and edit. Just do it.

2) Don't be boring!

Whatever you do, don’t put your readers to sleep or have them click away in utter boredom. Be exciting, and write from the heart. People like to relate to real people. Be real.

3) Use the AIDA Formula

  • Attention – State your biggest benefit in the Headline or Title at the top: “How To…” “7 Keys To…” (Be sure to get a keyword phrase in the title as close to first word as possible.)
  • Interest - Make your first paragraph REALLY INTERESTING - Tell them what's ahead and what they’ll gain by reading on.
  • Desire – Increase desire by piling on the benefits. Your readers want to know WIIFMWhat’s In It For Me?
  • Action! – At the bottom of your article, add your “Resource Box” or “Byline” that tells who you are, what your company provides and a link to your web site. This is your moment to SHINE!

Other Article Tips:

Optimize your Articles and Links With Keywords
All your articles need keyword optimized anchor text links pointing to your web site. So, pepper your article with keywords related to your product or service that you want to rank in the search engines. In the bottom resource box, add a keyword optimized anchor text link to your web site.

Link "anchor text" is the wording that appears within the clickable hyperlink to another web site. Anchor text links from authority sites is the most important components of the search engine optimization. So, be sure to ask for keyword optimized link anchor text.

Where to submit your articles:

On the Internet, there are many places you can get your articles published.
One place you can start are the "Article Directories." These are web sites that accept and publish articles on virtually any subject under the sun. By submitting your articles you’ll get links from them, plus other Internet Publishers browse these article directories looking for content for their web sites. Over time, you’ll find that your best articles will get published all over the Web and they all link to you.

Here are the top 5 article directories… 

The Article Directories are good, but they’re only the "tip of the iceberg." The best strategy for getting your articles published is to "plant" your articles in web sites and Publications that your customers read. For example, if you sell computer software to PC users, get your expert articles and news releases published in – one of the ultimate authority sites for PC content.

You probably already know 5-10 of these authority web sites and publications that you currently read. So start with them and start building your "media list" of contacts you’ll send your content and news. Build relationships with these web site producers and media professionals and offer to customize your articles to exactly fit their needs. This is the best way to get killer links from the best "authority sites."

And if you need a little inspiration, be aware that just one article and link can bring you thousands of new visitors, boost your rankings, and increase your sales. In fact, today’s top Internet Marketers and Firms have staff dedicated to writing and placing articles. They get tens, even hundreds of links per day! Whether you’re a small business, or a larger corporation you can do the same by using this powerful Internet Publicity strategy.

About the Author:

Matt Hockin is Owner of Interactive Marketing, an Internet marketing company specializing in boosting sales and leads by maximizing web site search engine visibility and "sales-ability." Click here to download your free guide to Web Site Optimization.

Contact us now for a free price quote on our search engine optimization services by calling Matt Hockin at 541-280-3363 or by clicking here.

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