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Submit Your Website to the Top 500+
Internet Directories for Link Popularity

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings by Submitting Your
Site to our Free List of the "Top 500+" Internet Directories

Search Engine Optimization

Got Links?

If you want to boost your search engine rankings, you need links from other websites that point to your site.


Because links (hyperlinks) are the fundamental building blocks of the Internet and Search Engine Optimization. Links are your site's lifeline - the primary route by which users will find and visit it.

Plus, the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search use these links to find and index your site to provide you with a steady stream of targeted visitors.

So, you need links.

A great place to get links is by getting your website submitted to the various Internet Directories like Yahoo! Directory, Open Directory, etc. We have a list of the TOP 500+ free directories, plus the most influential PAID directories.

Our list of the top 500+ Search Engines and Internet Directories is indexed into the following categories...

Submit your web site to the Top-Tier Internet Directories (below), then continue submitting to our list of "Search Engine Friendly Internet Directories" (below).

This web site is updated frequently, so stop by periodically and let us know of new sites that you think should be included here. We hope you find this to be a useful resource!

The Top Search Engines:


Google is the KING of Search Engines and will be the source of approximately 80% of your traffic IF you optimize your site correctly.

NOTICE: Do not "submit" your site to Google, Yahoo or MSN. The best way to get your site listed in Google and achieve high rankings is to get links pointing to your site. Start by submitting your site to the list of Internet Directories below.

The two most important links you can get that will improve your rankings in Google are:

  1. Pay $299/year to get listed in Yahoo Directory
  2. Submit yourself to Open Directory and don't give up until you get in. It's free!


Yahoo is the second largest search engine with approximately 1/3 the traffic of Google.

BING Search

MSN is the third largest search engine.


Altavista is powered by Yahoo! Search Engine. Altavista Search Engine was a big player years ago, but unfortunately they’ve gone downhill and won't be a source of much traffic for you.

AOL Search
AOL Search

AOL Search is a search engine "Enhanced by Google." In other words, it uses Google's search engine for its results. You can get your website indexed by following the directions for Google above.

Ask Jeeves is the "natural language" search engine where you search by asking questions. To get listed at, you need links pointing to your website.

Fee: PPC

Excite is now a "Meta" Search Engine with results come from many other sites...

  1. Yahoo! Search Marketing PPC (YSM!)
  2. Google AdWords
  4. LookSmart
  5. And more…


Search results on AlltheWeb are provided by Yahoo!. The best way to get listed by getting links to your website and getting indexed in Yahoo! and advertising in Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM!) PPC.


HotBot is owned by Lycos and provides results from and Google. Users have the choice of which search engine they want to use: or Google. The best way to get listed by getting links to your website and getting indexed in Google.


LookSmart is NOT a very important Search Engine anymore. We recommend NOT paying for listings.


Lycos was once a very important Search Engine, but it can still bring you traffic. The Lycos Web results are brought to you by, along with paid listings Lycos AdBuyer.


Netscape is NOT a very important SE anymore. Search results come from Google, so get listed in Google by acquiring links to your website.

Top Tier Internet Directories:

The 3 most important links you can get that will improve your Search Engine rankings in Google and other top search engines are...

Yahoo! Directory
Yahoo Directory
Submit: Find the category your web site should be added to, and click "Suggest a site" in the top right corner.
Fee: $299/year
(NOTICE: This directory is now CLOSED, but
don't worry we have other better options now.)

Launched in 1994, Yahoo is the Web's oldest "directory" where human editors organize web sites into categories. In October 2002, Yahoo switched to crawler-based listings for its main results. These search results came from Google until February 2004 when it introduced its search technology.

We recommend listing in Yahoo Directory to all our clients. Even tough the Yahoo directory itself may not bring you much traffic, there is a much bigger benefit in getting your site listed. Yahoo is considered an "authority site", so getting listed in Yahoo will increase your PageRank in Google and also give you a highly relevant link from a category in your industry.

You can also attain top positioning at Yahoo! by purchasing pay-per-click advertising through Yahoo! Search Marketing program.

Open Directory Project
Open Directory
(NOTICE: This directory is now CLOSED, but
don't worry we have other better options now.)

Submit: Identify the single best category your web site, and click "Suggest URL" in the top right corner. Be aware that Open Directory is notoriously slow (3 months), so be prepared to wait. You can ask for the status of your listing by asking the editors directly at their forum

Getting your site listed in Open Director gets you listed on many other important directories – mainly Google's directory. You’ll get very little traffic, but Open Directory will help you in your search engine rankings (which gets you lots of traffic).
Fee: $199/year

Submit: Click here for the Advertiser Center

Search Engine Friendly Internet Directories:

The following is a list of over 500 "search engine friendly" directories that are free and do not require you to provide a reciprocal links back. To further raise your web site's visibility and build a strong foundation of high PageRank (PR) links, list your web site in these important Internet Directories. All are good links to have!
























This list of Search Engine Friendly Directories provided by Dan at Info VileSilencer

The Top 3 Pay Per Click Advertising Programs:

Every month, over 200 MILLION highly targeted sales leads use the Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising (PPCSE) like Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter (MSN) to find and purchase products and services on the Web.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising allows you to quickly and easily get top search engine placement and a tap into this new source of targeted traffic by “bidding” (paying) for keywords related to your product or service.

Your new PPCSE campaign will provide you with an immediate boost in targeted traffic and qualified visitors giving you fast results within just hours or days.

In fact, a pay per click advertising program is your best option if you seek fast results and a high return on investment while you are waiting for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program to "ramp up."

Google AdWords
Google AdWords

Advertise: Setting up, optimizing and managing your Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising campaign takes a skilled professional. Click here to learn more...

The Google Network is the largest online advertising network available, reaching over 80% US Internet users. Google pay per click ads appear at...

  • Google
  • America Online
  • Netscape Netcenter
  • Earthlink
  • Lycos
  • The New York Times
  • And more

Yahoo! Search Marketing
Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM!)

Yahoo! Search Marketing was the first pay-per-click (PPC) search engine. It all started in 1996 as and changed its name to Overture in 2001. The PPC model was so successful that Google copied it an become wildly successful and now in May 2006 MSN has jumped into the fray with Microsoft® adCenter.

Advertise: Setting up, optimizing and managing your Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising campaign takes a skilled professional. Click here to learn more...

Sponsored Search  lists your site in search results across the Web. So you connect with customers who are searching for what you sell. Yahoo! Search Marketing ads appear at...

  • Yahoo!
  • Excite
  • iVillage
  • And more...

Microsoft adCenter

Microsoft adCenter allows you to advertise in MSN Search - the NET's third largest search engine. Using the powerful targeting features of Microsoft adCenter, you can reach pre-qualified buyers from a pool of 40 million people.

Advertise: Setting up, optimizing and managing your Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising campaign takes a skilled professional. Click here to learn more...

For more details about search engine marketing and optimization, call Matt Hockin at 541.280.3363 or click here to contact us for more information.

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